Friday, April 2, 2010

Austrian Economics Embedabble Widget

The following widget below is a playlist to introduce anyone into austrian economics, paste it anywhere you can on the web. In your blogs, myspaces, emails etc. Spread this widget to help spread liberty.

Find more music like this on Individualist Haven

To Embed this widget click on the small ^ button on the bar above the playlist it's by the volume buttom on the widget and click on "share" and copy and paste the code.

Also Click Here to download "Economics in One Mp3"


  1. Looks cool, but how exactly do I get this widget?

  2. I'll post the embed code in the post, will edit the post now!!!

  3. If you use opera, Right click an empty area of this webpage, then click the "source" option. scrolling through it, you should find it. To make it easier, search for "individualist". Should bring you right to the code.

  4. Alex's option is much simpler :)

  5. please do send me links to where you embed the widget, would love to see it.

  6. past should be paste in the description



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