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Alex Merced discusses Ron Pauls CNN Interview with Gloria Borger

Alex Merced discusses Ron Pauls CNN Interview with Gloria Borger

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Libertarian for Congress: Richard C. Ehrbar III

For Immediate Release: 12/9/11

 OSU Undergrad Files Congressional Petition in 3rd District as Libertarian
Student believes liberty message, diverse district, and current political environment are recipe for libertarian victory

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State University undergraduate Richard C. Ehrbar III filed petitions to the Franklin County Board of Elections on Wednesday as a Libertarian Party candidate for congress in Ohio’s new 3
rd District.

Ehrbar filed his petitions after spending the previous months reaching out to numerous areas in and around Ohio’s capitol city.

Located mostly within the Interstate 270 boundary surrounding Columbus, the new 3rd District is a diverse blend of college campuses, businesses, and a large inner city population.

Ehrbar believes the community’s cultural diversity parlayed with the current political environment make the Franklin County district fertile ground for his inaugural campaign for office.

“Our campaign is predicated upon three cornerstones: peace, liberty, and sound money”, Ehrbar said. “Students in the district are concerned with ending the wars and finding jobs; inner city residents are desperate for prosperity and respect for their personal liberties; and small business owners need significant tax relief and freedom from over-burdensome regulatory constraints. Our campaign addresses each of these issues with a constitutional solution.”

With HB 318 still lurking in the Ohio Legislature, the possibility exists that Congressional candidates will have to file petitions once more in order to qualify for the June 2012 primary. Wednesday’s filing deadline may end up being extended until March 2012.

When asked if the uncertainty would impact campaign strategy, Ehrbar replied: “We are already going to be out campaigning for peace, so this just adds a few signatures to the agenda. Our team is ready to put things in high gear. With democrats focusing on primary battles we may get a chance to get a leg up in the race because we can campaign for the general election while they beat each other up preparing for the primary.”

Ehrbar for Congress was launched in late August 2011 in attempts to restore Peace, Liberty, and Sound Money to the American people through constitutional governance. RIchard C. Ehrbar III is seeking to become the first candidate from the Libertarian Party to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.


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